only words…

i thot.  i’d never see the day.

the day.  the sun.  turned blue.

the clouds.  dark.

and the heavens.  began to weep.

lightning.  coursing through the sky.

shocking it – to reality.

the roar of the thunder.  screaming.  deafening.  almost…almost, as if. in pain.

like a woman in labor.  crippling the earth


fear.  gripping.  loneliness.  aching.  helpless.  hopeless.  darkness.




just.  when it looked like.  bleakness.  no hope.  the end…

dead.  stillness.  quietness


and then…


bursting out.  from above,trickle of light

spreading.  touching.  feeling.  soothing


warmth spread like joy.  no….more like-peace


the earth still.  scared.  not knowing.  huddled.

afraid.  afraid to embrace.  to look.  to experience


then… it came.


the still.  soft. silent.  voice.  saying… softly… embracing.  smiling


I’m still here.


I never left.

About thedesignbender

I'm living my portfolio life as an, entrepreneur, storyteller, interior designer, blogger, social media and content management consultant, a motivator and a researcher. At the moment, I work with entrepreneurs to develop and refine their company's vision, strategy, and business model. I also manage and create stories for their social media platforms, so that they can build their company’s brand, extend their reach and influence their audience in a powerful way!

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