Hello Stranger…

i Stare into space

and I see you

faceless…Nameless…but familiar

have We met before?…


you Don’t answer me, you just stare into my eyes;

those dancing eyes of yours!

i Laugh!!

in a Flash you were gone

but I know you’ll be back

and This one thing I know

you Crazy about me

as I am about you too…

About thedesignbender

I'm living my portfolio life as an, entrepreneur, storyteller, interior designer, blogger, social media and content management consultant, a motivator and a researcher. At the moment, I work with entrepreneurs to develop and refine their company's vision, strategy, and business model. I also manage and create stories for their social media platforms, so that they can build their company’s brand, extend their reach and influence their audience in a powerful way!

I would love to hear from you!

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