Design & Thinking

“my definition of design thinking is applying the methodologies and approaches of design to a broad set of issues and problems in business and society”

Tim Brown, President & C.E.O., IDEO

I finally got to see Design & Thinking film documentary at the Design Indaba Filmfest, yesterday. I couldn’t sit still all through the film because I kept telling myself- There is nothing impossible to achieve! I can create “change for the better” in my community and in the lives of the people around me!

Find a challenge, define the challenge, research, prototype, apply the solutions, fail, and succeed!

Being a designer is much more than designing beautiful products or beautiful interiors. What lasting impact does that have on the lives of people around me? How does that create a life changing experience and solution in the community I live in? Thus, this day, I have set out to design services and design solutions! I will look around me, and start asking, ‘How might we solve this and that and this and….”?

I am not just theDesignBender, but I am theDesignStrategist!!

I would love to hear from you!

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