The Democratic Republic of Design


For the Design Indaba 2013, ABSA has come up with an innovative new concept giving attendees the opportunity to share creative citizenship in a virtual community, spend virtual money and win some amazing prizes.ABSA has re-packaged the world of design as a country, the ‘Democratic Republic of Design’! This is a world where design and inspiration rules!

ABSA invites delegates to download a free app, become citizens of the DRD and share their inspiring experiences from the conference by tweeting and posting photos.

Everything you tweet or share has a value, so the more you interact, the richer in Design Dollars (D$) you become! Sound good? You can also earn D$ for your fellow creatives by liking their tweets and photos. You can then spend your D$ at the DRD concept store.

Every day at the conference, the highest earning community member will become president of the DRD and get spoilt with a VIP experience for two that evening. To add further incentive to the mix, the top 10 daily highest earners and 10 others (randomly selected) will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize – an all expenses paid VIP trip to Design Indaba 2014.

Follow the DRD on Twitter HERE, and get involved with the following hashtag: #DRD2013. You can also download the app from the iStore or from the official DRD website:

I would love to hear from you!

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