The Future of Storytelling- October 25, 2013

Today I started an 8 weeks MOOC course on “The Future of Story Telling” put together by a team from University of Applied Science in Potsdam and hosted by the University of Applied Science in Potsdam interdisciplinary team, from Berlin. At the end of every session, we will be given a creative task and this week’s task is: “Think about which story you have read, seen, listened to, played or experienced has impressed you most in your life. … Which story can you still very well remember? Write down both, the summary of this story (what you remember of the story, not what Wikipedia says.. 🙂 and – on the other hand: – what made it so special to you that you can still remember it.”

In detail:

  1. Retell this story by giving a short summary of what you can remember of it. (in less than 400 words)
  2. Think about (try to remember) and write down what fascinated you most about this story. What can you remember best? What impressed you most? … Its characters? The locations? The plot? The style and voice of the story? Or maybe even the surroundings of how this story was told, maybe by your parents, grandparents, or maybe in your first self-read book? Tell us the story OF the story so-to-speak. (less than 500 words)

This was my story that I posted:

Cinderella Man


Cinderella Man is a movie I saw some years ago. I cannot remember most of the plot or the storyline but I can’t forget the name of the movie because a particular scene in the movie inspired me on to a new career.

From what I can remember, Cinderella Man worked in a factory, a family man who loved his family very much, was very poor at a time, a boxer and an inspiration to people during the great depression of his time.

The part of the movie that I can remember so well, is a scene where he was in the boxing ring and I think fighting against someone much stronger than him. It was an intense fight but what kept him going was his friend who I think was his manager also. His friend kept speaking motivating words to him during the fight, letting him know he could win, that he was a winner, urging him not to give up or give in especially when he had been beaten so bad. I remember going to Google after watching the movie and trying to find out what the job title of that person is but I couldn’t find it. Manager didn’t seem like the right word to describe that person.


That particular scene in the Cinderella Man movie inspired me because at that moment it dawned on me why many of us give up easily especially when it seems like everything has gone wrong in life. Most of us don’t have that kind of person in our life, speaking positive and encouraging words, urging us on in times of difficulties, challenging us to not give up. Our present youth lack mentors and role models. This has led to an alarming increase of youths at risk in our society. The man in the movie, who gingered the Cinderella Man with positive and motivating words, gave me a new dream and I decided that that was what I was going to do with my life- inspire, motivate and equip youths with the right tools they will need to achieve their dreams and become change agents in their community. Helping them to not only dream it but believe in that dream and go ahead and make it happen. My hero in that movie was not the lead character, no, it was the man who was behind the boxing ring, the friend of the Cinderella Man.

My Hero

You can find all the information on this online MOOC course on
I will put a summary of what I got from today’s course later, in the mean time I found these awesome inspiring pictures also on the Cinderella Man.

Cinderella man-1  Russell_Crowe_in_Cinderella_Man_Wallpaper_9_1280
 picture credits:, google

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