The Future of Storytelling: Chapter 1 Review

I want to tell you a story! A story about an adventure into the world of storytelling. I don’t know the end of this story yet, but every week a new plot unfolds and the most amazing thing is that, I am one of the characters of this amazing story!

It all started, when I enrolled for an online MOOC course, the Future of Storytelling, which has been put together by the Design Department, at the University of Applied Sciences Potsdam, with several guest lecturers and hosted online by iversity.

Chapter 1 was facilitated by MA Christina Maria Schollerer and the guest lecturers in this plot were, Robert Pratten, CEO Conducttr & Transmedia Storyteller, Mario Grau Stenzel, Project Manager of “Milli” at Honig Studies Berlin and Cornelia Funke, Author of “Inkheart” & “Mirrorworld”-series.

The journey begins with finding out what Storytelling is? and guess what? It is all about telling stories!

Define stortelling1



Thereafter I had to discover the Origin of Storytelling which, I will allow the pictures of the slides I took a screen shot of, answer that question!

origin of story




Now storytelling is becoming more and more individualistic and biographic. I also discovered that, a perfect example of how technology and invention has influenced stories and the ways stories have been told directly, is by looking up a guy called Georges Méliès, who did a  film in 1902 titled, Le Voyage Dans La Lune (I saw it in the movie Hugo, I didn’t even know it was a real story). And over the years, the medium with which stories are being told, is evolving.



Hope you enjoyed my story! My story continues tomorrow. I will be talking about Story vs Plot.

The Future of Storytelling Mooc Course is still running. You can still enroll. Just click on and join in learning how to make your stories Hook, Hold and Payoff!

Chapter 1 Review Continued Here

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