Touching Google ‘Reunion’ Video

Oh dear! It’s raining in my house! This is a beautiful advert from Google. A marketing strategy that is putting a face to its product. Human Centered! It’s also about storytelling. They used a short film to tell a story about how their products affect peoples lives in a good way. The short film tells a story about lost friends in different countries reuniting using the tools available on Google. If I didn’t know what I could do with Google, I know now. Its much more than just finding information for a research or a write-up.

I got this from Hubspot Blog, on how to use Storytelling as a marketing strategy and it is so spot on:-

A lot of companies are trying to figure out how to use storytelling as part of their marketing. Very few do it well. There are a few things to be learned:

It’s not short. The rule of thumb has been that videos online should be two minutes or less. But that’s changing. For the right content, people will stick around. I realize that 3:32 is a far cry from a feature film. But it’s also a far cry from a 15-second pre-roll. And it works.

It tells a story. There are real characters. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end. There’s a big story contained in a short film. What’s even more amazing is that the story is told in pictures. You can watch the video without any closed captions, and still understand the story and be moved by it.

Google made it easy to share. Google created the #googlereunion hashtag, and encouraged people to share their own stories of reuniting with friends or relatives. That turned viewers into evangelists.

It’s not about Google, it’s about Google’s customers. Google isn’t showing you the Googleplex, or its cool cafeterias. This isn’t a movie about how awesome it is to work at Google. This is about how people use Google products. That said, however:

The brand is part of the story, front and center. Sometimes companies are afraid to include themselves in their marketing and storytelling. They fear this will put people off. So they end up making videos or telling stories that have nothing to do with their business. They leave their products out entirely. Viewers are left scratching their heads and wondering why this company made this video, or what on earth this video has to do with the company that made it. It’s ridiculous, and worse yet, it feels dishonest.

It’s obvious that this video is promoting Google. But the use of Google is woven into the narrative in a way that feels natural. It’s not intrusive, or forced. It works.

When you’re making a marketing video, your brand has to be in the picture. The trick is to do it in a way that feels true to life. You can — and should — be proud of what you do. If you’re not proud of your product, you shouldn’t be making videos. Heck, you shouldn’t be in business.

To read more on insightful thoughts on the market strategy about this video written by Dan Lyons, check out!

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