The Future of Storytelling- Chapter 3- Audiovisual Series on the Web

Review of chapter 3 of The Future of Storytelling with guest lecturers- Prof, Dr. Jan Distelmeyer. Prof. Of History & Theory of technical Media/University of Potsdam and Rebecca Ahlen, Head of Digital-Ufa Serial Drama

Unit 1 – Audiovisual Series on the Web and Beyond

Web series are produced for web platform. They consist of “single episode” or “continuous storylines”. Episodes of web series are usually called webisodes.


Possible rules of web series are:


Funding could come from these possible sources:


Expanding on why one of the rules of web series was to limit the length to 3 minutes, the producers were afraid of short attention span by viewers, and I am ashamed to say this but, before that was said, my attention span was wavering and I had picked up my phone to go through it- while I listened of course!

According to Peter Kafka, he states that- “Web video watchers have even twitchier fingers than couch potatoes flipping through 500 channels. Which means that the longer any particular video runs, the less likely they are to watch the whole thing”. The video-tracking service TubeMogul offered a statistical backstop- The image below shows a study of how long the average Web video watcher stays with any given clip.


The article further stated that the attention span of viewers is- “Less than one minute. Ten seconds into an average clip, more than 10 percent of viewers have moved on, TubeMogul says. And by 60 seconds, more than half of viewers have bailed out. Anything more than five minutes is heroic: More than 91 percent of viewers are gone by then.”

You can read more on this interesting statistic in his article- Short Attention Span Theater: Web Video Watchers Bail Fast.

Seeing that your attention span might be wavering right about now, I will continue Unit 2 in another post!

The Future of Story Telling

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