The Future of Storytelling- Chapter 3- Audiovisual Series on the Web- Unit 2&3

On to the next unit- unit 2 & 3, Review of chapter 3 of The Future of Storytelling with guest lecturers- Prof, Dr. Jan Distelmeyer. Prof. Of History & Theory of technical Media/University of Potsdam and Rebecca Ahlen, Head of Digital-Ufa Serial Drama…

Unit 2 – How to deal with shorter attention spans

The answer is to shorten the time that the viewers can be ignored! YouTube founded in 2005, grew as a result of being popular for watching, uploading and sharing short video clips. In 2008, uploading length for YouTube videos was still 15 minutes. On whether the concept of “hook, hold and payoff” is applicable to web series, Rebecca Ahlen states that in creating web series for platforms such as YouTube or Vimeo, one has to aim for a stronger quick and gripping ‘hook’, a hook that is a lot more emotional; put it really quickly into a ‘hold’ by making the story heartbreaking, funny or over the top; and finish with a payoff that keeps people interested.

This funny message appeared at the end of Unit 2!



Yes, I had my Facebook page open and some other interesting sites which I was trying hard not to click until the video ended!

Unit 3 – Between Web Therapy and House of Cards

I am afraid to say that my attention span started to wane badly when the instructor was talking about Web Therapy but it picked up when she started talking about the blurring of lines between web and TV formats wondering what the difference is between an audiovisual web series or a TV series??


Netflix’s “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black” web series have narrative structures and production values similar to traditional TV series. I have NEVER watched a web series before and didn’t even know they existed! I watched the preview of House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and I was hooked, well not to the “series” but I had a strong desire to look for those series on Vimeo and watch them. Not now though, I need to reserve my bandwidth for work!

Click on the links to view the preview of the web series mentioned in this unit.

Web Therapy (2008– )

Orange Is the New Black (2013– )

House of Cards (2013– )

I think web series has a new addict but I feel sorry for my internet monthly subscription, that is, if it is going to be monthly anymore. It is going to suffer which also means I might not be watching them that often. My 2 pence, web series, tv series… they just the same. I still prefer normal movies. It has a beginning and an end and does not keep me hungry for more and leave me with torturous thoughts on-“What is going to happen next??!”

This was a comment by one of the MOOC participant, Martin Ejenobor on the question about the difference between Web series and TV series

“First lets use an analogy to understand the situation we are in then we can coin the definition.

  • What do you call water in a dispenser?
  • What about water in a cup?
  • Oh..and water in a bottle?

Regardless of the container, WATER is WATER
The container doesn’t matter as much as the content. Dont Netflix has proved to us you cannot define the content by the container more than you can define a car by where it is parked….**If I stand in a garage, does that make me a car?** the Medium of distribution should not define the distributed media Netflix says there a web series and a TV series are just SERIES…so do I 🙂”.

My thoughts exactly!

Unit 4 & 5 in the next post…

The Future of Story Telling

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