The Future of Storytelling- Chapter 3- Audiovisual Series on the Web- Unit 4&5

Unit 4 – Financing & its Impact on Storytelling: Branded Entertainment, Product Placement and More

Financing and funding, plays a major part on how the TV series or any media project looks like, production value and look wise. The TV format and structure is influenced by the type of funding for the program.

TV series have “act breaks” which always match the commercial breaks. The more commercial breaks an episode has, is equal to more acts, pre-break cliffhangers and moments of heightened tension. These cliffhangers are written with the intention of keeping the viewers clued to the TV, eagerly waiting for the next piece of information (that is usually my own break to ‘run to the bathroom’ or ‘grab something to eat’!). Video platforms rather operate with late induced short commercial breaks but many web formats today make use of product placement and branded entertainment.


For further research on brand entertainment, see Wikipedia: Branded Entertainment.

Now I really understand why only BMW was used in the movie- The Hire.

Unit 5 – Web Series and Beyond

Social media can also be used as a medium for web story telling. Examples are famous writers telling their stories in 140 characters/tweets which can be viewed at and Jennifer Egan’s Twitter novel “Black Box”, documented explained by Twitter in Twitter.

According to Rebecca Ahlen, she expects that the TV and the online world would move closer together and somewhat merge over time.

That’s the end of chapter 3! The Future of Story Telling course is in its last chapter but you can go to for more interesting MOOC courses.

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