Review- Hazardous to Your Social Media Health eBook by David Spark

After reading the “Hazardous to Your Social Media Health” eBook, I heaved a huge sigh- not a sigh of relieve but a sigh of- for lack of words- a sigh of “Damn I’m doing it all wrong!” No wonder I’ve been feeling overwhelmed!

The insights in this eBook is thought provoking. You might not agree with every word written but I promise that you will go back to your drawing board and tweak, add or remove some strategies you are implementing on your social media platforms for your brand.

One of the advice that really stuck was- “Stop Relying On Other Social Media Channels To Build Your Brand”. The book cited the example of how people used ‘LinkedIn Answers’ to build up their brands public expertise and when LinkedIn pulled the plug on that channel, the content, and everyone’s built-up reputation within the site, vanished. Social networks can and often do change their rules, and you have no choice but to concede. “Brands should now focus their efforts and resources on driving traffic to owned digital platforms, like self-hosted communities and opt-in email lists,” said Steve Farnsworth (@Steveology).

Other important quotes-

  • “Focus less on empowering your voice,” said Giovanni Rodriguez (@giorodriguez), CEO of SocialxDesign. “Focus more on empowering your entire identity — as a consumer, citizen, and co-creator.”
  • “Asking for retweets is simply unnecessary,” noted illustrator Len Peralta (@lenperalta), “Either your content is compelling or it isn’t.”
  • “Endorsements on LinkedIn are worth nothing. Don’t waste your time endorsing someone. Don’t get a swelled head when someone endorses you,” advised Dan Janal (@prleads), Author of Internet Marketing Confidential. [I have never understood these endorsements especially from people I barely know]
  • “I recommend that people no longer try to be active on every platform. My advice is to figure out your objective and really use one or two sites well — rather than to spread yourself and your message/content too thinly,” said Porter Gale (@portergale), former VP of Marketing at Virgin America and author of Your Network Is Your Net Worth.
  • “Having a child fresh from college as your main customer interface has been deemed not to live up to consumers’ expectations,” said Murray Newlands (@murraynewlands), Founder of TheMail. “You would not put a teenager in the reception of your global headquarters to welcome billion dollar partners, so why do it online?”

Some of the mistakes I am guilty of-

  • Sharing an article without consumption! [GUILTY!!]
  • Stop spreading yourself too thin! Your brand does not have to be on every social media platform!
  • Stop collecting friends! Rather focus on developing key relationships with people in your network.
  • Stop sharing posts from other Facebook page on your Facebook page. [I am so guilty of this one and worse still without even reading the content! I just see an interesting headline and I figure the fans would love to read it. Duh!]
  • Don’t make your blog post comprehensive [I thought I always had to write a thesis! How can I forget how short a person’s attention span is- 6 minutes or even less?!]

Remember- “What matters more is developing substantial relationships with people. People you meet face-to-face, whom you’ve had long written or phone conversations with, they’re much more likely to have a significant impact on your career,” advised Michael Wolf (@MichaelWolf), Founder and Analyst for NextMarket Insights.

Harzadous to Your Social Media Health
David Spark

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