5 Facebook Marketing Alternatives To Try by Melonie Dodaro

5 Social Media Activities You Can Count On In 2014 by Melonie Dodaro


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1. Instagram

Do you have a younger demographic? Forget Facebook…your audience already has. Instagram has become the perfect way to reach most people aged 24 and under after making headlines in 2013 that teens are now flocking to Snapchat and Instagram, leaving the big blue giant in the dust.

Here are a few things I think you’re really going to like about Instagram:

  • Unlike Facebook pages, you are able to follow anyone with your account and engage via comments and likes
  • People use hashtags like crazy – meaning you can more easily track targeted users that are already showing love for your brand, product or industry
  • Instagram’s feed lists posts in chronological order – meaning no more pesky EdgeRank algorithm and EVERYBODY sees your posts
  • Brand engagement is dramatically higher on Instagram than Facebook and Twitter

2. LinkedIn

It’s not secret that I’m a big advocate for LinkedIn but if you are in B2B, you cannot ignore it. 22% of online adults are using LinkedIn – that is an extremely high number when you consider the fact that in 2011, 74% of people went online just for fun or to pass the time.

3. Blogging & Custom Content

This is one of those activities that should be complimenting everything you do on every social media network. My blog is the center of my online marketing strategy and the common link between each network I use to promote my content.

Your blog is meant to promote content, not advertising. This is the most common mistake I see but I know my audience and the odds are good that you already know this.

If you haven’t been successful with your blog so far and you’ve tried your best to create good content, you might need to focus on exactly who you’re trying to speak to and creating custom tailored content for them.

NOTE: If you are a B2B company or professional, don’t think you are excluded from blogging. B2B companies that blog generate 67% more leads than those that don’t. Not to mention the fact that some of the best social media content I saw in 2013 came from B2B marketers.

4. Video Marketing

Are you aware that 65% of your audience are visual learners? Most of us are guilty of not putting out enough video content, including myself. Here’s the thing though – video can spice up pretty much any online front you are currently using.

Videos are very flexible and can be used in many different ways throughout your social media strategy. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Embed video into your blog post
  • Pin videos on Pinterest
  • Share on Facebook or Twitter
  • Make use of micro-video posts with Instagram and Vine
  • Facebook video ads
  • Use transcription services to quickly turn your videos into blog posts

5. Podcasting

Last year Social Media Examiner reported that only 3% of marketers were taking advantage of podcasting in their social media strategy. This leaves a MASSIVE opportunity for those who adopt now. There are millions of people who have long commutes every day and would love to spend it in a productive way, absorbing your great content.

Podcasts give you a great chance to give undiluted content and the ability to speak directly to your audience without the concerns of character limits.

check out topdogsocialmedia to read the full content. Also read  27 LinkedIn Marketing Tips To Grow Your Personal Brand and 15 Best Free LinkedIn Training Resources On The Internet by Melonie Dodaro to get tips on how to use LinkedIn for your B2B marketing.

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