This Advert Made Me Cry!

I just saw this McDonald’s ad on TV. The bus drives up to a South African children orphanage home and take them to McDonalds to pick a McFlurry ice cream shake, and I go awwww! Then, the kids are driven to an old people’s home and they give the McFlurry shake to the senior residents! Then I start to cry!

I had to Google about the advert. Apparently, it’s an old advert and it was created by ad agency DDB. The story behind the advert is based on the premise that everybody has got something to give. The children were from Sakhumzi orphanage and the senior citizens are residents at Huis De Kuilen Old-Age Home. No actors were used and the moments were captured in just one take.

The commercial was voted Best of McDonald’s TVC for 2012/13 by the top McDonald’s Creative Directors from around the world.

That was so heartwarming and touching!

New addition:

The advert came up again and I said to my fiance that it’s so sad to see so many kids without a home and a family. There was this cute little girl in a tutu climbing up the stairs:( He said something to me that made so much sense. He said that the advert is “poignant of how we have abandoned and failed the young and the old in our society today”.

Isn’t it funny how an advert has evoked so much emotion in me and me really wishing there was something I could do:(

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