The road to success starts with one baby step!

Early this year, I got an email from my boss not to come back to work, that my services where not needed anymore. I was home visiting my family in Nigeria with my fiancé. The traditional meet the man I want to marry (some scary stuff and another story for another day). Anyways, the news hit me so hard that I didn’t know it hit me until after a week I returned home and then a became depressed; I’m in my 30’s, no job, no savings, no… the list went on and on. And you can imagine, it was at the beginning of the year and all my savings gone!

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Fast forward two months later still no job! Then it occurred to me- “Why on earth am I waiting for something to happen? Why don’t I make it happen?” EUREKA!

But then I got stuck about what to do! Did I tell you I’m an Interior Designer? Well not certified yet (in the process, I’m in my 3rd year) but I have been working as one for 3 years now: AutoCAD drafting, 3D renderings and all that and I realized that it really didn’t make me happy- well not yet! I didn’t feel like I was helping anybody or I was growing and I really did get tired drawing all them lines!

I digress!

I asked myself these questions?

1. what makes me itch?

2. What problem will I be solving?

3. What is the solution I want to offer to the problem?

4, What is my social capital?

5. What keeps me up late at night?

Lots of things keep me up late at night and my head swims with lots of dreams and ambitions that I want to pursue. But they all seem to need some sort of capital or something, which I couldn’t get right away. But this one thing that keeps me up late at night which I did for fun and I truly enjoyed- Managing my sisters blog-! She runs her own makeup studio but really doesn’t have the time to always post on her blog or Facebook and I really enjoyed researching, creating content, coming up with ideas to grow her brand and seeing the positive results materialize . So, I decided to monetize that!

Smart right?!!

So I decided to start my own social media and content management firm! I have a laptop, good internet connection and I can work from home without renting an office space! Talk about social capital! Then I came up with a value proposition after listening to “How to Build a Platform” by Michael Hyatt.

My Value Proposition: I am a storyteller (my expertise). I help small and medium enterprise owners (my target audience) create stories (unique solution) for their brand, so that they can extend their reach and reach their audience in a powerful way (transformation).

I am in the process of revamping my WordPress blog to act as my website, I just bought a domain name- Yipee! and I’ve got 2 clients at the moment.


I was told by a business expert that there’s a lot of competition in social media management industry and maybe I should think of something else but heck, I’m going to do it anyways till I discover my unique selling point.

So, before I write an epistle, I take my first baby steps: Start my day 1 challenge on The Daily Post Blogging 201 challenge– to build my brand, grow an audience and client base and initiate traffic.

How am going to do that I don’t know but I believe this challenge will shake me out of my comfort zone. I am so scared! But you know, a wise person said, ‘If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough”!




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