Blogging 201: Audit Your Brand

For today’s Assignment #2,  I have to audit my brand — look at all the ways I communicate information about my blog, and make sure they’re consistent, focused, and say what I want them to say.

This was a bit tough because I had just started looking at my blog as a brand.

So I have to ask myself these questions?

  • Does my theme match my blog’s intent? What about my font and color choices? (I don’t think so. I use the Eventbrite Theme, I kinda like the big fonts but it still wasn’t the clean lines I wanted)
  • What are my title and tagline saying? What about my post titles? My About page? (I haven’t edited my About page or tagline to suit my brand yet)
  • Do the titles of my widgets and my calls to action contribute to my brand? (NO!)
  • Do I have a consistent visual identity? Am I choosing images that support my brand, both in posts/pages and widgets?
  • Are there elements that are counter to my brand? Why have I included them? What role do they play?
  • Does all this carry through in the other places my blog has a presence — Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, or forums/sites where I’m active? (I do not have a blog presence on my Pinterest and Facebook but whatever I post gets sent to my twitter)

Ok! That’s a little daunting but this is a call to action! So I am going to take these steps now!:

Step 1.Change my theme to one with clean lines

Step 2. Add or update a tagline to give more context to my title.

In the coming days I will:

Step 3. Customize my widget titles and comment prompt. (don’t even know how I’m going to do that but I check the WordPress support!)

Step 4. Use my own photos to create custom image widgets or a custom header.

Step 5. Add a text widget with a pitchy description of my blog’s mission.

Step 6. Create an email address for my site, (I do have a for starters)

Whew, lots of work but worth it! My only challenge is I want to keep blogging on this blog address so maybe I will create another menu for that. Well it’ll come to me.

About thedesignbender

I'm living my portfolio life as an, entrepreneur, storyteller, interior designer, blogger, social media and content management consultant, a motivator and a researcher. At the moment, I work with entrepreneurs to develop and refine their company's vision, strategy, and business model. I also manage and create stories for their social media platforms, so that they can build their company’s brand, extend their reach and influence their audience in a powerful way!

There are 4 comments

      1. nuvofelt

        Yes, I changed my theme just before this 201 was announced. I wish I had waited. Anyway….. hopefully I’ll get some helpful feedback in the near future. I think I know where I want to be – just don’t know how to get there, lol.


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