Blogging 201: Looking good is good business and hardwork too!

Growing up is a choice. Branding is not a joke

For Assignment #3, it was all about getting the look. I had to experiment with visual changes and refine my brand further and add more dimension to my posts- themes, fonts, colors, headers, and backgrounds and Assignment #4 was to make my blog mobile friendly and compatibile.

Day 3 was the toughest for me! Ever since I started blogging, I have always played safe with themes and opted for something very simple and minimal. Since I had to step up my game, I started looking for something that looked more like a website and many themes had that look but something was always off- color of the text, type of font, or something(or so I thought) and I also didn’t know I could jazz it up. I always told myself that one day I’ll upgrade to premium then I would go wild!

Colors had always been my problem. Weird I’m an artist! There was a time my wardrobe was full of brown, gray and black color theme! I almost gave up! I was over- thinking the process! I struggled between branding the look of my blog to have a ‘serious look’ or ‘personal look’ or both until @Jean Brown used some words in her reply that gave me clarity: “…good blend of business and personal” and “…your business to have a very personal, informal voice”.

I was also debating having another blog but @Amy Juicebox gave me some insightful advice. She said that having a separate destination is wise only if you have a topic you are passionate enough to write about on a regular basis. She also suggested that the only time to have separate blogs is, if there is conflict and credibility issues. Like mom blog vs sex blog (not that moms don’t have sex, but the audiences are different and don’t want to collide)- LOL!!! That was so funny! This helped me to re-define my goals for my brand- for now which I will re-evaluate after a year of build a web presence.

And my fiancé saw me stressing going through pictures for my header and decided to draw a logo for me! He came up with a 2 pieces of puzzle- one end had an semi-round hole and to fit into it a square shape! He drew it according to my story in the “About Page”!

I decided to go with the Sorbet theme. The Sorbet theme has a certain playfulness but still maintains a serious face! Cleaned up and organised my categories and menus, worked with the colors of the theme, enabled mobile compatibility and gave my online home a revamp. New theme, different font for the header, colors on the side widget, a simple and catchy header. I still have more work to be done but I think I’m ready to have guest over for dinner and not be ashamed of my silverware!

Thank you @Amy Juicebox, @Jean Brown for that insightful advice.

Some of the looks I tried and the final.

1 look 2 look

3 Look

4 Look

7 thoughts on “Blogging 201: Looking good is good business and hardwork too!

  1. I’m so glad you found my comments helpful. I’m really liking the Sorbet theme here. I agree with you–it’s fun but not at all too cutesy with how you’ve organized it. I love your personalized widgets, too! Great work!


  2. *waves hi

    So awesome you are putting the work in. I think it will all payoff.

    Just a note about the sorbet theme I learned the hard way, when you enable the mobile it toooooootes changes it. See my day 4 post of screenshot. I did some re-jigging so that people will see the blog the way I do from phones. It’s fine from web of tablet!!


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