Blogging 201: Whatever thou sow in Blogging, thou shall you reap in Statistics

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I had neglected my Blog for a long time, only visiting to post random stuff that interests me or when I feel guilty that I had stayed too long away. But my return never lasted for long. SMH! Late last year I took a Storytelling MOOC course on iversity and blogged about it. I think that’s the last time I really had engagement and that’s what comes up for “top posts and pages” and my recent engagement on Blogging 201. So I am starting from scratch and creating a calendar. So I guess in a month or two, I can determine what my followers like to read from me.

Numbers really don’t lie! I started managing my sister’s blog, who’s my first client, last year and abandoned mine. I nagged her about how social media was important for growing her business. Talk about not walking to work. As you can see in the picture below, you can’t expect to reap where you didn’t sow! Seeing those ‘1’ or ‘0’ views was very painful! It cut deep!

I recently discovered “featured image” in the “New Post” section. I always wondered why when I posted for the other blogs I manage, when I checked it on Google+ or Facebook, I see a completely different image. Now I know 🙂

I decided to open a Google+ page, and a Facebook page for my brand and already have a Pinterest account with over 3,000 pins! Don’t ask me how! Pinterest used to be my escape world…! Do you know how many “Pinterest Countries” I have traveled to or how many “Shoes and Bags” I own? Lots! I also created a side widget for my Google+ and Pinterest page for followers to easily follow me on those platforms.

My take away from all this- Whatever level or amount of effort I put in to my relationship, that same level of commitment will be given back to me. In the beginning he might have the patience and love me and put in more effort but with time it will begin to wane, the fire burning down, till it’s completely snuffed out. Relationship is work, it’s not about how happy the other person makes me happy, but how happy to I make the other person. To keep the fire of love burning, you have to keep feeding it with wood and coal. Plan date nights and have real conversations. If I keep at it, our love will grow, we’ll learn to be best friends, spending time with him will make me understand him and I’ll know what to say, when to say it and how to say it!

By the way, I was talking about my blog!

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