I don’t know how on earth I’m going to go through with this!

Since I started running my own business, I’ve worked hard to grow my clients brand and neglected mine. I realized that had to change! I can’t be preaching what I don’t practice! If I go on like this, I figured that, at the end of the year I would be crowned “Hypocrite of the Year”. I shudder just thinking of that! So last week was all about branding and growth of theDesignBender, with the help of Blogging 201.

Next week is going to be a challenging week for me- I start my “Journey to Living Healthy” routine. I have neglected my health and it’s gotten to the point that I know that I have to start taking care of myself.

So, my health goals for next week are:

1. Start a cleansing process for my body (Drink lots of water, cut out sugar and fried foods) I’m still processing that in my head. No sugar??? 😦 *weepinginside*

2. Fast walking- Monday, Wednesday and Friday(That should lead to jogging and running sometime in the future 🙂 )

3. Go to bed by 11pm (This will be a tough one for me because I’m more of a “night person” but I want that to change)

4. Wake up by 7am

I won’t give up! I won’t give up!

“Rome wasn’t built in a day, and it wasn’t built by one person!”- Building Rome Community


6 thoughts on “I don’t know how on earth I’m going to go through with this!

  1. Cheering you on in your fitness challenge! I’m making a similar re-commitment to healthy living. Noticed yesterday I haven’t been working out regularly and am not eating as well as I should be. Will be stopping by to follow your progress in your challenge.


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