Keeping my eyes on the prize-I PRESS FORWARD

It’s strange how, when you decide to make positive changes in your life, how temptations seem to come knocking on the door more often than before.

Four weeks ago, I decided to make eating and living healthy a lifestyle. You wouldn’t believe how much food advertisement came on the television on that one week- or maybe I just noticed them- McDonald’s Double Cheese Pounder! Chips! Bread! Chocolates! My favorite Biscuits and another advert that had to do with my favorite meal, Mashed Potatoes! It was endless and it was painful! Now I understand the power of advertisement. Because all I wanted to do after watching those adverts was to rush out and get me some!

BUT! I had a goal that I have committed to. Don’t get me wrong, I have failed one too many times. This is not the first time that I have decided to take steps to improve my body and my health, this is like the 100th time that I have made this decision and 2 days later I fail woefully.

Guess what!!! This time I’m in my 3rd week and I must tell you I feel so much better and lighter! Even though I still struggle with sticking to the goals I have set out, I still persevere.

This journey has taught me about perseverance, determination, staying positive and keeping in front of me the end goal of what I want to achieve in the end. I am also learning to apply these principles in my business because I have seen the positive results I’m having just applying them on my journey to a healthier lifestyle.

These principles give me that push when I’m doing my exercises and my body aches so badly that I want to quit or when I see that TV advert watching the model sink her teeth into a McDonald’s Double Cheese Pounder, or when I have sent out proposals and I don’t get a reply for weeks, or when it just seems like nothing is moving forward. During my time of doubt, I close my eyes, take a deep breath in and out and I remind myself why I am on this journey- to build a company that last so that we can hand down to our children, to be financially independent which will enable me to be there for my family especially my children, for longer healthier life so that my son, my husband and my family will have me around for a very, very long time to come and more so, I really want to fit into that beautiful size 10 dress!

the prize

You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuin`e, so important, so true. And yet, by the time this idea passes through the different filters of your mind, and into your hand, and onto the page or computer screen — it becomes distorted, and it’s been diminished. The writing you end up with is an approximation, if you’re lucky, of whatever it was you really wanted to say.

– Author Khaled Hosseini, “How to Write,” the Atlantic

5 thoughts on “Keeping my eyes on the prize-I PRESS FORWARD

  1. Great inspiration!! The good thing about life is that when we fall you are able to get back up. Self determination and perseverance gives us the push that we may need time and time again. The key is to keep at it, keep believing and keep working hard.


  2. I love your post. All of the details you added in and especially the foods you mention bring to life exactly how difficult this is. Good luck to you!! I LOVE your blog design. It is very attractive and creative. The tagline with the combination of capital and lowercase letters, as well as your side bar social media links make this a very unique and eye appealing blog for readers to view. Nice job! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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