Some Day’s You Win Some!

I got this mail today and I still haven’t gotten it round my head yet.

I am pleased to inform you that you won the May #MondayBlogs giveaway! SAY WHAT?!!!

What this means is:
1. I have won a free guest post opportunity on Indie Book Promo.
2. On June’s #MondayBlogs Giveaway people will be able to enter by following my Twitter account. Which will hopefully give me a nice boost in followers.
3. Four of my blog posts will be shared directly from the @MondayBlogs account on Twitter and Facebook.
I won!! I won something but most importantly my blog get’s a nice bit of exposure! Can you beat that!
So, what is this #MondayBlogs?
Monday Blogs is a meme created by author Rachel Thompson (@RachelintheOC) so bloggers have an easy way to share their posts and connect with other bloggers. You can share any blog post you write, just remember Monday Blogs is for BLOGS not pictures, advertisements, etc.
How can you participate in #MondayBlogs?
  • Use the hashtag #MondayBlogs in your tweets IF you’re sharing a blog post and if it’s on a Monday
  • Share ANY post. You don’t have to write a post specifically for Mondays (and you can post any day you want — just don’t use the hashtag except on Mondays)
  • Generously retweet others throughout the day.

So ! You want to be featured ? Enter! Giveaway June 2014 – via @RachelintheOC

Thank you #MondayBlogs team! Some day’s you really do win some! Today, I bask in my unexpected victory!

check out Rachel In The Oc, Indie Book Promo

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