Day Six: A Character-Building Experience

I love this story! 5 men (strangers) in 1 day show unexpected kindness to a beautiful traveling girl. It kinda makes me reflect that not all people are bad. I say this due to some bad experience even though I have learned along the way NEVER to generalize but to view each and every single experience as…well…individually-if that’s the word, but not just that- the way Nubianwaters tells the story makes me go through her experience in my minds eye! Beautifully written, especially this part “…He said no other word and just stood few metres away from me. It felt like he was waiting for me to be in safe hands before he went about his way. I was right. The minute my ride turned up, he left.”
Let me not be a spoiler! Read and enjoy!

In a world filled with self-seeking, self-absorbed and narcissistic people, to meet and experience the depths a phenomenal person is an ever welcomed breath of fresh air. Sometimes I consider such experience a privileged coincidence and at other times I think about it as the beautiful symphony of a divine orchestration. Journeying through life at some point this year, I met five new men in one day! I call these men amazing because they all reminded me that in everyone lies the power to choose any kind of character to exhibit.

On this fateful day, I was pretty much exhausted and spent. With the little strength left in me I dragged two heavy travel bags alone through the notoriously vast and busy New York Penn station. It was quite daunting, exhausting and all at the same time overwhelming for me. People walked by barely noticing ‘my struggles’. I was almost out of breath…

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