I’ll be Bigger than you! You can’t defeat me.

Going through an old journal and found this “note to myself” that I wrote a while ago when I had a bad fall in life and knew I had to make some tough decisions to get back on the road! You know, that time in life when you hit ground zero and have no idea how on earth you would be able to even get up again? Yep! I was there once upon a time! Getting back on that road has brought me to where I am today.
The Street Called Hope…
The street called hope is a very long street. I don’t even know how long it is or where it is but I’d never find out if I don’t start on this journey. I have been so lost for a long time and it’s time I took that journey if I have any hope of being found. I’m excited about going to Hope!

Today, I decide to make some decisions before I be on my way. I think making these decisions will keep me motivated on my journey. Tough decisions and I don’t know if I’ll keep to them but it’s worth the shot!

march 15, 2009

Motivation-theDesignBender Blog

pix credit~ Zakari Atta

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