I Celebrate You, Nelson Mandela, Today

I wrote this when he died last year but never got to share it.

“He stood for what he believed and he fought for it. He challenged injustice. I cannot claim solidarity with Mandela’s fight for freedom because I cannot also claim to understand what he or his people went through. All I see are pictures and read stories. I can’t even begin to imagine their pain or pretend I do. But I’m glad that it is over somehow. We can choose a world not defined by conflict and hate but by peace.”

When I see his pictures or watch a documentary about him I always wonder what was going through his mind. When he became free how did the new world psychologically affect him? Lots of people expected so much from him and I wish I could turn back the hands of time, meet him, look into his eyes and ask, ” How are you Tata, really, how are you?”

I celebrate you today- your joys, your failures, your struggles and your victories. You make me work hard to become a better person Nelson Mandela- forgiving and loving more. Rest in Peace.


Nelson Mandela-Quote1

Nelson Mandela-Quote2

Nelson Mandela-Quote3


Wednesday Motivation- Jagabeauty

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Nelson Mandela3

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