Fitness Friday- Rocking My Weekend Workout with Adagurl to WizKid, Untop Your Matter!

My journey to healthy living continues with plenty ups and downs! Last week I decided to check my weight which I hadn’t done in about 4 months because I didn’t want this journey to just be about loosing weight and endless dieting but making healthy living a lifestyle. I discovered that I lost 7kg! And guess what- I CELEBRATED WITH ICE-CREAM AND CAKE! A luta continua! Enjoy my guest post for Jagabeauty.

Starting a journey on living healthy is not an easy step to take. Continuing on that journey is even tougher. You will need to be consistent, persevere, be patient and learn how to psych yourself often. You’ll think that after one month of being consistent I would be used to exercising and eating healthy- Nah! I started relaxing especially after I finally decided to check my weight- I HAD LOST 7KG!!!! In April, I know I weighed between 79-77 kg and just last week I checked it was 70kg. I celebrated with an ice-cream and cake!!!

One exercise I have incorporated daily to my fitness routine is walking. Did you know that when you walk you enter the fat-burning zone, especially when you walk at a set pace? Now you know!  I have been walking more than using transport and I’m always so happy when I reach my destination! I…

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