I don’t know what to write, so this is what I did…

…I joined Jeff Goins “Intentional Blogging 21 Days Challenge” which starts October 8th!


done on purpose; deliberate.

For some time, it seemed like anytime I open my blog to write, my mind goes blank and then I get tormenting thoughts that tell me that I am not a writer! But, I know that the devil is a liar (I gotta to blame someone)! It’s crazy! This is what I do for a living but why can’t I write for myself? About my fears? My Challenges? The people I love? Why is it so hard?

Questions I haven’t been able to answer but maybe I might have found a solution…

Well, moving forward, in this 21 days challenge, Jeff is going to lead a group of hungry and intelligent people, who just want to be the best (that’s me), who want to get serious about blogging (me again) and are willing to let the process teach them something about themselves(me again).

So! Wanna join this group of intelligent people who are just going to be more ‘intelligentier’ after 21 days?


One thought on “I don’t know what to write, so this is what I did…

  1. I believe you know more than you are heading states. Sometimes is the beauty of writing not knowing how it is going to turn out. It is like a relationship, but you work on it until it gets better. Just a thought. Sign me up.


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