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Combing and washing your little girls hair can be a dreadful experience with lots of tears from her and sighing from you! And out of frustration you have even considered relaxing her hair. We’ve searched high and low for some tips that can make “washing-hair-day” easy, health and fun! So, before you go ahead and relax her hair, try this out!

What you’ll need:

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Leave-in-Conditioner
  • Olive oil or coconut oil
  • Moisturizer
  • A spray bottle
  • Wide tooth shower comb
  • Hair clips
  • Patience J

STEP 1: Apply olive oil on her hair before washing and put it under a plastic cap for about an hour. Then shampoo her hair using mild shampoo diluted in water. Gently scrub the scalp with the balls of your fingers, NOT your fingernails. Depending on how thick your child’s hair is, you may find it easier to work in sections. Try 4 sections. When you are done, rinse the hair and scalp thoroughly.

STEP 1B: If the hair is tangled up really badly, do this first- Fill the spray bottle with water and olive oil or coconut oil (1 part oil-3 parts water), then section her hair into about 8-10 sections and then work the sections one-by-one. Take each section, spray it with the water and oil mixture and apply a generous amount of the conditioner directly onto her hair, from root to tip to get the hair as moist as you can. Once the hair is saturated, use your fingers to feel for the knots and gently pry the hair from the knots, working them out with your fingers. Once you can pull your fingers through her hair without feeling any knots, then you can use the wide tooth comb and comb through it. Do that for each section till all the hair is untangled. Once that’s done, you can wash her hair. Then move on to STEP 3.

STEP 2: Part freshly shampooed hair into manageable sections and saturate each section from the roots to the tips spreading the conditioner evenly across the hair. Let the conditioner sit on her hair for about 2 – 3 minutes. Then comb. Helpful Tip: Natural hair is easier to comb while wet!!! Just be sure to use a good conditioner with lots of “slip” that will help to detangle her hair as well.

STEP 3: Using a wide tooth shower comb; comb through the hair in sections. Helpful Tip: Comb from the tips of the hair and gently work your way down to the roots. Never the other way round otherwise the hair will tangle up more and suffer unnecessary breakages.

STEP 4: Rinse off the conditioner from her hair in sections with a lot of lukewarm water and pat off excess water from the sectioned hair with a clean soft cotton towel. Helpful Tip: Dry the hair in more of a “blotting” sort of motion to keep the hair from having any tangles. Drying the hair randomly creates more tangles.

STEP 5:  Add leave-in conditioner and oil to moisturize and seal, one section at a time. Helpful Tip: Pour in a spray bottle and be generous with your application.  Leave-in conditioner makes detangling a breeze!

Step 6: Separate the hair into smaller sections-1″ to 2″-and make small braids all over her head while it is wet.Helpful Tip: If it starts to dry out before you finish, spray water or a detangler on her hair to keep it moist.

So, you want to take your Princess to have hair braided? Shampoo, Condition, Leave-in-conditioner, Some Oil (Coconut, Carrot or Castor Oil), seal with Shea Butter then braid! Easy Peasy! Just make sure you have a snack nearby and her favorite TV show is on. Make the “washing-hair-day” fun!

Suggested hair products for your little girl:

  • TRESemme Naturals
  • Virgin Olive Oil
  • Dream Kids by African Pride
  • Natural Shea Butter

According to Wiki.com, use organic products. Choose products with a lot of organic ingredients and try to avoid products with mineral oils and petro oil. Petro oil will dry your little girls hair out and stop moisture from penetrating the shaft. Natural oils like almond, coconut oil and jojoba oils are much better.

  • Look for the term organic not natural. The term “organic” is strictly defined in the US by uniform, federal regulations. “Organic” means the food or fiber bearing the label was made with a set of farming and production practices defined and regulated, in great detail, by the USDA. That means it had no toxic chemicals, antibiotics and pesticides that are harmful to humans and animals.
  • The term “natural” is double talk and can have any given meaning for corporations. An orange soda can be natural because it has orange flavoring that once shared a compound of a fruit. High fructose corn syrup is considered “natural” just like “Petro Oil.”

Here are some awesome how-to videos to watch:-


And click the image to view pinterest pins for beautiful little girls braided styles:

Reference~ Nubianwaters
Title Pix Credit~ Natural Hair Kids

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