Nigerian Beauty Bloggers

What is @NaijaBBlogger?

@NaijaBBlogger is community for Nigerian Beauty (Fashion, Makeup, Health & Lifestyle) Bloggers to build their following and connect with other like-minded bloggers using the hashtag #NaijaBBlogger. You can share any blog post you write, just remember this platform is for BLOGS not pictures, advertisements or porn.

The idea behind these memes is that your blog posts gets noticed by people who might not have normally stumbled on your blog, connect with other bloggers through Twitter, read other blogs, and other tweeters read your blog, find blogs that interests you that you might want to follow and make some new Twitter friends too!

How can you participate in @NaijaBBlogger?

  • This is only for BLOGGERS!
  • For Nigerian Beauty (Fashion, Makeup, Health & Lifestyle) Bloggers
  • Mention @NaijaBBlogger in your tweet using the hashtag #NaijaBBlogger in your tweets only IF you’re sharing a blog post and IF it’s on Sunday and we will retweet.
  • Sharing is caring! Retweet others on that day and take some time out to read their posts and comment if it interests you.
  • Retweets are NOT guaranteed. This is a community and while we encourage people to share AND retweet, obviously we cannot make people do so.
  • We reserve the right to not retweet based on content.


  • NO PORN. We will NOT retweet porn pictures or graphic, explicit, pornographic content.
  • NO Adverts
  • NO Pictures
  • We reserve the right not to retweet based on content


Twitter: Nigerian Beauty Bloggers (Fashion, Makeup, Hair, Health & Lifestyle) | @NaijaBBlogger #NaijaBBlogger | Sunday’s only

Google+ Community:

Host @theDesignBender

Inspired by #MondayBlogs & #SundayBlogShare


I would love to hear from you!

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