Do I make you happy?

As much as I would love a lot of followers on my blog, it’s not going to make any sense at all if I’m not producing content that inspires, engages and you know, sometimes make you laugh too! Recently, with the help of Blogging 201, I have been consistent with publishing posts and I am working on a content plan for the next month.

So, here’s a quick unscientific poll to find out if I’m doing it right and how I can improve. Would love your opinion. Thank you!
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Free Ebook by David Spark on Social-Media Bad Habits Dangerous to Your Brand

David Spark, founder of Spark Media Solutions, recently published an ebook filled with 50 pieces of social media advice that, over the years, has gone sour.

Early reviews for “Hazardous to Your Social Media Health”

“It’s one of the most entertaining, best ‘how-to’ (or in this case, ‘how-not-to’) social media guides I’ve ever read.” – Ashley Coombe, All Inclusive Marketing

“I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! And I haven’t even seen my quote yet! Fantastic graphics too. I agree with 101 percent of the chapter titles.” – Dan Janal, PRLeads

“Really impressed with this.  Smart, thoughtful, and virtually devoid of BS.”
– Lori Edelman, SecondSelfMedia

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